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No New Posts Manual

Welcome! Before you register, there are a few things we'd like to to read. We've included everything you'll need to get by- rules, plot, intro, history, timeline, character guidelines, membership options, and more- in here. There are two sub-boards: Must Read and Optional Read. Must reads must be read before registering.

Sub-boards: Must Read Documents, Optional Read Documents

6 6 Naming
by C H A S M
Sept 29, 2007 7:16:25 GMT -5
No New Posts News and Updates

All news and updates to the main site or the forums will be posted here by a staff member. Please keep a close eye on this forum, for important things will be posted. There is a sub-board for activity checks, which are held once monthly for each clan.

Sub-board: Activity Checks

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No New Posts Plot

Here all plot related discussion will take place. Although we prefer to keep close to the books, the plot line and such will be posted here. You can also suggest future plots, ask about previous plots, or get more information on where canons are supposed to be.

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No New Posts Questions and Suggestions

Do you have a question? Have no clue where to post? Want to know more about our features? Or do you have a suggestion? Know how we can improve? Did you find a spelling error or a broken image in a skin? This is the place to discuss all of the above.

2 7 Some Tips?
by Queen Of The Shadow
Nov 18, 2007 22:11:08 GMT -5


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No New Posts Joining

Once you have read the rules and registered, come here to create your character. Whether you chose a canon or an original, this is the place to create their bio. Please use the form and wait to be accepted before role playing.

Moderator: C H A S M

Sub-boards: Special Characters, Original Characters, Pending

27 51 Darkpaw[ND]
by Latte
Jul 20, 2009 23:55:20 GMT -5
No New Posts Personal Plots

Once your character has been accepted, come here to make a listing of your friends, enemies, and lovers. One thread per character, please.

2 3 A|Pelt|Of|Oak
by Oak
Nov 3, 2007 19:07:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Cat Tracker

Finally! This is the place to keep a record of your character, their threads, and their bios and plots. One thread per member, please. You do not have to use this, but it can be very helpful.

1 1 Chasm's Kittehs
by C H A S M
Nov 18, 2007 18:27:33 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Database

All characters will be moved here once they have been approved. There are sub-boards for each clan, as well as one for bios that got denied on the spot. Each clan has their own listing in their board.

Sub-boards: NeedleClan, DawnClan, HiddenClan, AshClan, StarClan, EndingClan, Loners, Rogues, Kittypets

12 38 Chasmfur of HiddenClan
by C H A S M
Nov 18, 2007 17:18:26 GMT -5


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No New Posts DawnClan Camp

The Dawnclan camp is located near the center of their territory. The tall oak and maple trees rise around the camp protectively. Thorny bushes surround the camp. The Dawnclan cats know how to get in through a secret tunnel that starts five tail-lengths back. The tunnel is lined with a sort of rock from the Twolegs, although they've never been sighted anywhere near it. Don't be afraid to get your belly hair wet if you plan on entering.

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No New Posts DawnClan Territory

The Dawnclan territory features a pond, large trees, and a sunny clearing along the border they share with NeedleClan. Cats can be found all about in this area, hunting, patrolling, and socializing. The territory is vast, yet as friendly as the cats that populate it.

Sub-boards: Whispering Oaks, Sonata Pond, Sundrop Plase

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No New Posts NeedleClan Camp

The Needleclan camp is located below the center of their territory. It's surrounded by huge pine trees. The sticky sap and pointy needles can annoy intruders from other clans, but the cats of Dawnclan are used to the conditions. Although their camp isn't as protected as Dawnclan's, its just as hard to attack. The long, flat, rocks leading into the camp drop off suddenly. Needle cats know to veer off to the side and take the narrow slope down into the camp, rather than flinging themselves off of the small cliff and getting injured. The camp is shaped like an L. All the dens are located around the edges, and clan meetings are held in the clearing.

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No New Posts NeedleClan Territory

The sharp and angular feel of the NeedleClan camp is overwhelming. From the pine needles scattered about on the forest floor to the smooth glistening rock slabs, it is truly a place for NeedleClan. The cats blend in well it the territory. The prey is plentiful and skill is great.

1 1 hunting
by brook
Oct 31, 2007 8:50:22 GMT -5


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No New Posts HiddenClan Camp

The Hiddenclan camp is located in the back most corner of their territory. It protected and concealed by a branch wall, thick dark green bushes, and tall, dark trees. Like the rest of the territory, the camp is quite dark, even in the middle of the day, when the sun is out. The tall trees provide a leafy canopy, protecting the Hiddenclan cats from predators of the sky. There are some trees growing out of the center of the camp, and kits like to practice chasing the birds that are foolish enough to nest there. The dens are well hidden, often being found under a pile of bushes or under the roots of a large tree. The cats pad around calmly in the dark surroundings, while cats from another clan would be confused, and usually scared, of the deep darkness. Hidden corners hold unknown dangers...well, that or apprentices eating lunch. Clan meeting are held here, the leader speaking from the top of a small dirt hill.

1 12 It's not dead, is it?
by C H A S M
Nov 18, 2007 17:35:48 GMT -5
No New Posts HiddenClan Territory

The HiddenClan territory is not unlike the hearts of the cats that reside here. The thick forest, various tunnels and holes, and many hiding places, HiddenClan is protected and hidden from...anything and everything. The cats with their vivid imaginations can often be seen planning new hide-outs or patrolling borders.

Sub-boards: The Hidey Hole, The Secret Cave, Thick Forest

by C H A S M
Nov 18, 2007 17:52:51 GMT -5


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No New Posts AshClan Camp

When most come to the forest, they fold their ears back and unsheathe their claws at HiddenClan. They are wrong- AshClan is the real source of evil. Despite their bubbly, beautiful, and ever so wise reputation, this clan is out of get you, to rule over you. While this clan is easy to love, loving them will be your biggest mistake ever. Be very wary- this is not a clan to mess with.

Their territory is simple. Maple trees dot the grounds. There is the typical assortment of rocks, plants, and prey throughout the territory. The camp is set in the center of the territory, with roomy dens made from bracken and brambles.

1 4 Future Flashes
by Oak
Nov 24, 2007 13:01:15 GMT -5
No New Posts AshClan Territory

The territory for AshClan is simple and neat. A pond abundant in fresh, tasty fish occupies most of the territory. The tall maple trees add beauty and cover to the territory. The ground is smooth with freshly trampled soft, tall grass.

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No New Posts StarClan

This is the source of all those mysterious prophecies, whispered words about deceased loved ones, and the force that supposedly rules the forest. StarClan will save you- if you understand them. Most cats believe StarClan controls the world, and they are wrong. StarClan cannot change the future, only warn us.

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No New Posts EndingClan

EndingClan does not communicate openly with clan cats. Instead, they chose to tempt and possess them, leading them to evil. Worshiped by rogues and made up of their dead, EndingClan is hell.

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Sacred Lands

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No New Posts Ripplerocks

Ripplerocks are four large, ridged rocks that are located in the center of the forest. Once a moon, the cats gather here for a Gathering, where they share the updates and news of their clan. The Gatherings occur every full moon.

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No New Posts Glisteningshards

Glisteningshards is the place where where leaders and medicine cats come to share dreams with the warriors of Starclan. Apprentices journey here before becoming warriors, and here is where leaders receive their nine lives.

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Unclaimed Territory

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No New Posts Loner Territory

Loners are pretty much who and what they want to be. With no one to answer to, these cats live good lives. The are not kittypets or rogues. Loners follow StarClan, and most do not harm other cats. They feel they are not suited for clanlife, but will sometimes help the clans.

The loners reside in an old barn, shed, and the nearby areas. They live near the Twoleg town, but not too close.

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No New Posts Rogue Territory

Rogues are the death of us. Well, some of us. This awful band of cats has no respect for anyone or anything- well, except the biggest, meanest rogue. They are cruel cowards, yet they get away with awful sins.

The rogues live in an alleyway in the Twoleg town. They get they meals from stealing or digging through trashbins. There is constant fighting over every scrap.

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No New Posts The Town

Kittypets are often the source of jokes and teasing from the clan cats. They don't know much...usually. They have their world and the clan cats have theirs. The two do not interact often.

The kittypets live with their owners in this small town. It is a nice town, and the kittypets are happy to chase garden birds and eat kittypet food.

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Members Area

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No New Posts Comings and Goings

Whether you have just joined or you will be leaving for a bit, this is the place to come. Please introduce yourself or let us know you will be gone!

6 6 idc
by lixu84
Dec 10, 2009 10:08:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Chat

This is the place to talk about anything as long as it does not break the rules. Anything at all, anything. Hehe.

9 26 idc
by lixu84
Dec 10, 2009 10:09:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Creativity

Whether you want to post your latest story, offer premade graphics, start a shop, make a request, or get critiques, this is the place to come! Our many talented artists will be able to fill your request.

1 3 Skin!
by *~*Picabo*~*
Nov 6, 2007 18:36:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Arcade

The arcade is home of classic forum games, spam, and anything else you want. As long as you do not break the rules, you can have a fun time here.

4 22 idc
by lixu84
Dec 10, 2009 10:09:49 GMT -5
No New Posts Apple Plaza

Each time you make a post, you earn two apples. There are other ways to earn apples too. You can learn about them here. This is also the place to trade apples for special extra features.

1 1 On Sale Now
by C H A S M
Nov 29, 2007 7:58:55 GMT -5

Guest Friendly Boards

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No New Posts Asking Questions

If guests have any questions about our site, they can post here. A member or staff member will help them. Please do not advertise here, we do have another board for adverts.

9 9 First Class Miami Beach Escorts
by miami escorts
Oct 26, 2008 15:09:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Advertisments and Affiliations

If you have a site of your own, you can advertise here. You could also apply to be an affiliate with us. Please state whether you are looking to advertise or affiliate in your topic title. If there is no guest-friendly board to advertise back on your site, your ad will be deleted.

167 188 Adoxography: a resource community
by TempestofAdoxography
Jan 15, 2014 12:41:53 GMT -5

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The first A New Dawn began in August, 2007. Since then, the site has grown and changed a lot.

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